Stockmarket data API

One of the most asked questions is if CompaniesMarket provides an API. Although this is not the case here are a few stock market APIs that can provide you access to most of the data and information displayed on our website.

Disclaimer: This article lists tools and resources that we believe to be useful. Some of these tools and resources are from partners of CompaniesMarketcap and for which we earn a commision.


This is a little know fact, but the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) offers an API, and it is completely free.

The SEC EDGAR API provides access to the fundamental data of thousands of US listed companies, their API is based on the quarterly and yearly filings US listed companies are required to send to the SEC.

Please not that unlike most other Stock APIs the data is not stock split adjusted.

One very intersting aspect is that you can get very company specific information that other APIs typically don't provide, as an example, for an Automaker you might be able to access the number of cars it sold during a specific quarter or year.

2. FMP (Financial Modeling Prep)

FMP is in many ways similar to EODHD, providing price information for over 70,000 symbols of stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and Forex currencies.

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3. EODHD (Formally know as EOD Historical Data)

EODHD provides an API access to data of over 150,000 stocks/ETFs/Cryptocurrencies from over 70 exchanges, which can be accessed using:

- Websockets

- Rest APIs

- Librairies and code samples in: Python, PHP, Java, C#, F#, R

4. IEX Cloud

IEX Cloud is a service offered by the IEX stock exchange. This is clearly of an advantage as you get the data directly from an Exchange without having to go through an intermediary.

IEX Cloud is a very cost effective way of getting live prices for US traded securities, the service also offers data from foreign exchanges but this is often limited to End Of Day prices.

5. CompaniesLogo

The CompaniesLogo API provides access to high quality logos of companies and ETFs, this can prove particullary useful if you are building a stock market app or website.

As of November 2023 over 8000 companies and and ETFs are supported.